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Why Income protection is right for you

  • Income protection is a way of safe-guarding your income if you were unable to work for any reason at no fault of your own. This includes Mental-Health as well.
  • Income Protection is needed for individuals who do not have good sick pay benefits at work and would have little to no income if they could not work, cover can last for as long as retirement.
  • Income protection pays up to 60% of your salary (and in some cases more) if you were unable to work. Thus, it would help you continue to pay things like your rent/mortgage, bills and your daily costs of living until you are better to work again.
  • Income protection is perfect for those who are self-employed and those with poor sick pay work benefits.
  • To find out more just fill in the contact form to your right and one of our financial advisors will be in touch with you shortly.

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