You are one step away from never having to worry about the financial consequence of an accident or injury again.

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Why Accident & Sickness protection is right for you

  • Accident & Sickness protection saves the stress of financial loss if you have an accident or injury by paying a lump-sum amount when you have an accident that leads to minor or serious injury. From broken bones and ripped tendons to more serious injuries such as loss of limbs, blindness, paralysis and much more! Pay-outs range from £3500 to £250,000.
  • It also pays up to £250 a day every 24h you are in hospital if you are in hospital for more than 7 days and covers accidental death, funeral costs and even children’s accidents and illness’ as well.
  • Accident & Sickness Protection is needed for individuals who work in industries such that are more prone to accidents such as construction workers, industrial cleaners, Taxi-Drivers etc. It is also recommended for people that regularly do sport, such as playing for a sports team, combat sports or cycle to work every day.
  • Cover starts from as little as £5 a month and anybody is eligible!
  • To find out more just fill in the contact form to your right and one of our financial advisors will be in touch with you shortly.

Selected rewards such as the amazon are only available to individuals who have a premium of £45 or more and who keep the policy for longer than 6 months

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